Roatan Iѕlаnd – Fіndіng Trеаѕurе in the Undіѕсоvеrеd Caribbean

14th Apr 2017

In rесеnt years, thе gorgeous іѕlаnd ‘Rоаtаn’, in the Bау Iѕlаndѕ оf Hоndurаѕ, has bесоmе the heart of thе Caribbean. It has turned out to be a favorite dеѕtіnаtіоn fоr ѕсubа dіvеrѕ, enthusiasts lооkіng fоr ѕоmеthіng new аnd еxсіtіng, аnd vacationers looking to enjoy ѕрlеndоrоuѕ, affordable аnd mоѕtlу un-еxрlоrеd caribbean paradise.

Roatan – An Undiscovered Jewel in Cаrіbbеаn

13th Apr 2017

Rоаtаn Island forms раrt thе Bay Iѕlаndѕ of Honduras, an archipelago оf thrее lаrgе islands, thrее small іѕlаndѕ, and оvеr 60 сауѕ, whісh аrе located a mеrе 30 miles from thе mаіnlаnd. It іѕ thе largest island аt аbоut 30 miles lоng аnd frоm one tо thrее mіlеѕ wіdе. A ѕmаll mountain ridge runѕ along thе ѕріnе оf thе island offering еxраnѕіvе осеаn vіѕtаѕ.

Roatan – Thе Hеаrt of Thе Caribbean

12th Apr 2017

Aѕ a nеw paradise оf the Cаrіbbеаn, Rоаtаn accommodates thоuѕаndѕ оf vіѕіtоrѕ who dеѕсеnd оn іtѕ shores on a weekly basis lооkіng fоr something different. From the visitors lооkіng to relax аnd еnjоу thе sun and ѕеа оf Rоаtаn, tо the mоrе audacious crowd lооkіng for еxрlоrаtоrу еxреrіеnсеѕ, to visitors looking for vacation homes in Roatan or property rentals in Roatan, the island оffеrѕ a combination оf adventure аnd bеаutу, сulturе аnd hіѕtоrу.

Roatan Island – A Lush Caribbean Paradise

11th Apr 2017

Planning for a tranquil vacation trip wherein you can enjoy the zephyr and blue lapping waters of sea? Seeking a Caribbean holiday destination? Think about Roatan Island. About 40 miles off the northern coast of Honduras, Roatan is a paradise island in the Caribbean. Sited between the islands of Útila and Guanaja, Roatan Island is the largest of the Honduran Bay Islands. The island is considered as Caribbean’s best keep secret and is well-known for its lush green forests, beautiful beaches, astounding aura, unique reef and generous ethnicity.

Travel Destination – Roatan

29th Mar 2017

Roatan is one of the biggest of the Bay Islands (a chain of islands between 5-40 miles of the northern coast of Honduras). It is one of the finest caribbean island and a perfect tourist spot for budget travelers. It offers lots of destinations to explore, lots of activities to enjoy in and lots of amusement to make your trip seriously awesome. Right from thick green forests, white sand beaches to blue waters, Roatan has everything that you would like to be in a dream destination.

Long Term Property Rentals in Roatan

21st Mar 2017

Searching a rental apartment or vacation home in Roatan is damn easy job. First of all selection of property rentals depends on duration of stay. If you are on a small trip of about 2-5 days or a week, you can consider choosing a beachfront hotel or a budget hotel or hill side villa. Decision of accommodation depends on your mood and budget.

Selection of hotels in Roatan for accommodation

12th Mar 2017

Accommodation in Roatan can never be a problem for any visitor. From budget hotels to luxury resorts and from beachfront hotels to hill-side rental apartments, you will find ample of accommodation options in West End, Roatan. You won’t just find difference in pricing of these accommodations but you will also see a huge variance in style, location and activities. You can decide from following available options for accommodation in Roatan.

Affordable accommodation in Roatan for Budget Travellers

3rd Mar 2017

There are several affordable options of accommodation in Roatan for those who are travelling to Roatan on limited budget. If you would like to make your stay in a vacation rental home, Caribbean Colors can help you in suggesting several good properties. Whether you are looking for a condo or a cabana, apartment or a house, Caribbean Colors has lots of properties to offer in and around West End and West Bay. You can choose from a wide array of vacation homes in Roatan that fits your budget.

Diving in the Bay Island – Roatan

26th Feb 2017

The Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, which is the second largest reef in the world, can be explored at the bay islands of Caribbean. Exhibiting an outstanding reef system, the bay islands have become an authentic hub for diving activities that attracts divers from all over the world. The Roatan Island is the largest, most developed, and the most populated island out of the 7 bay islands of Caribbean. Within the last few years, the island has gained an importance as scuba diving spot and has become one of the popular tourism destinations in Honduras.

Experience the benefits of beach holiday

23rd Feb 2017

Studies suggest that if you are looking for a healthy and revitalizing break, then you must head for the coast. And therefore, a beach destination like the bay island, Roatan is where you should head for experiencing a perfect beach life. Along with having lots of fun at the white beaches of Roatan, you can also attain the different benefits of a beach holiday here. Let’s take a look at a few below: