Roatan Travel During Covid-19

10th Aug 2020

 Is Roatan travel during COVID-19 safe? Should I travel to Roatan during COVID-19? How is Roatan keeping its visitors safe?

Roatan was one of the first Caribbean islands to close down to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Due to the swift actions of the government, we have managed to keep our confirmed cases very low. Incoming passengers are required to have a negative COVID-19 test prior to entering the country and complete thorough health self-assessments at arrival. The government has instituted mandatory mask wearing and bio security protocols at all businesses.  Prior to entering establishments, everyone has their hands sanitized, their shoes disinfected, and their temperature taken. People must also social distance in all public spaces including beaches and in businesses. Hotels and vacation rentals are required to thoroughly clean and disinfect between rentals. Most of Roatan’s restaurants and bars are open-air and have plenty of sunlight as of course do our dive boats, beaches, and reefs!

At Caribbean Colors Rentals, we have gone beyond the enhanced cleaning protocols to ensure our vacation rentals are as clean as possible. Please see our post on the cleaning procedures and protocols we have implemented and our other post about the safety of vacation rentals in Roatan.

The stunning island of Roatan is still one of the last undiscovered gems of the Caribbean. Our beaches are still made of white sand and our oceans are crystal blue. Our reefs are still home to countless species of colorful fish. Our beach bars still make the best monkey-lalas in the world. COVID-19 hasn’t changed this. We understand these are scary times. So when you’re ready to travel, Roatan eagerly awaits your visit.