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Jardines de Catalina
  • $500
  • 2
  • 1
  • West Bay
Jardines de Catalina

Located in the West End Jungle behind Splash Inn, this new apartment is a stylish oasis. The one bedroom apartment at Jardines de Catalina has a spacious living room and large well stocked kitchen. The outdoor balcony has super comfortable furniture and overlooks a 100+ year old Cahoon palm tree and the surrounding hills. The rate does not include electricity.

It is about an 8 minute walk from West End road down the road behind Splash Inn. The there are 4 flights of stairs to this third floor apartment. The rental rate does not include electricity. The meter will be read and check-in and again at check-out to determine the usage and then deduct an allowance that covers the frige, lights, and fans. The guest is responsible for the remainder.

There is parking at the bottom of the development. This is the best parking as the road to the top units, where this is located, is only passable in an all wheel drive vehicle.


  • AC Throughout
  • New Construction
  • Honduran Hardwood
  • Granite counter tops


  • Winter (December 2 - April 15) from  $600 / week
  • Spring (April 16 - June 17) from $450 / week
  • Summer (June 18 - August 28)  from $500 / week
  • Fall (August 29  - December 1) from $400 / week
  • Holiday Rates from $700 / week plus electricity
  • Rates do not include electricity in order to provide a reasonably rate to everyone
  • Rates do not include 19% Honduran Room Tax
  • Rates do not include cleaning fee
  • If energy aware and use A/C only at night, electricity should cost around $5-10/day
  • $500 Refundable Security Deposit required at check-in
  • A $10 per person conservation fee will be added to the rate