Accommodation in Roatan – A Beach House or a Beachfront Hotel

8th Mar 2018

Booking a hotel in Roatan for making your stay in this perfect destination is actually a thing of the past. You can now actually think of renting a house on the beach and get the most of your vacation in Roatan. Recently the vacation rental marketing and guest services have shown much advancement. And because of that renting a house or any other accommodation in Roatan has become a bit easy and quite more affordable than booking a room in some hotel.

Because of better locations, scenic views, excellent amenities, and a far better privacy and convenience offered by renting a house on the beach, it is more preferred by most of the tourists visiting Roatan. Moreover, you can do what you want, whenever you want in a much more comfortable manner, since you are living in a home that is yours during your vacation.

Why should you not book a hotel in Roatan?

Although there are a number of beach hotels in Roatan, the first problem with that is your room is not actually located on the beach. Sometimes, you can’t even see the beach from your room.  And you have to race through a long distance to reach the beach. Moreover, you may end up finding no vacant beach chairs to sit and relax on the beach. The second problem with booking a hotel is that if you are traveling with a larger group, you will need more than one or two rooms to accommodate everyone comfortable, which can be an expensive business. The next issue is the expensive meals that you have to order at the room all the time when you are hungry.

What are the benefits of renting a house in Roatan?

On the contrary, renting a house in Roatan is much more comfortable.  You can get a rental house on the best locations as they are not built on an enormous tract of land. You can easily find one on the beachfront that offers spectacular waterfront views. Unlike hotels, you will get a plethora of amenities in vacation rentals that include massive private living areas and patios, washers and dryers, private pools and full kitchens, and a lot of others amenities. Another advantage of renting a house in Roatan is that you get a fully functional kitchen, where you can cook yourself, or store your favorites in the fridge, or even hire a chef who can prepare your favorite meal in your kitchen. All this will add to the comfort factor and make your stay in Roatan even more convenient.

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