Why Choose a Vacation Rental In Roatan

8th Jan 2019

Vacation rentals in Roatan are becoming more and more popular choices for accommodation. With the advent of AirBnB and VRBO, it is easier than ever to find the perfect vacation rental to suite your travel needs. There is a huge selection of vacation rental properties in Roatan, from one bedroom apartments to waterfront condos to luxurious six bedroom homes. So why choose a vacation rental in Roatan over a hotel?

Vacation Rentals Save Money

Vacation rentals are often more reasonably priced than other accommodations such as hotels and B&Bs. They also provide more amenities including kitchens, larger space, and privacy. If you are traveling with a family or a group, it is often cheaper to rent a larger rental property than several hotel rooms. Plus it is always more fun to share with friends and family. You can also save money on your food bill as most vacation rentals have full kitchens.

Vacation Rentals Have Great  Amenities

Rental houses and homes are much larger than hotel rooms. The average hotel room is only 300 square feet. The average size of our vacation rentals is 1200 square feet. That is over 4 times the size. You can also still have the charm and privacy of a boutique hotel or rental which enjoying amenities usually found in larger hotels. Our lovely condo rentals in Sunset Villas in West End come with two pools and a poolside restaurant.

Vacation Rentals Are More Comfortable Than Hotels

Most of our vacation rentals are also people’s second home. Therefore, they are more comfortable as people actually live in them, even if just for a few weeks a year. They are comfortable furniture, stocked kitchens, decorations, nice TVs, and other touches that you just do not find in hotels.

More Choice

While there is a huge variety of hotels on Roatan, you get more choice by opting for a vacation rental instead of a hotel. As each property is individually owned, the options are endless. Do you want to stay in a beachfront bungalow without a person in site? Do you want a condo with stunning ocean views? Do you want a luxurious vacation home? Or a funky, island style cottage? At Caribbean Colors, we have something for everyone.