Come to Diver’s Paradise – Roatan

19th Dec 2017

Since ages, nature has attracted thousands of people towards its various forms. Almost everyone agrees to feel so small yet so peaceful and relaxed in the proximity of nature. The stress and exhaustion of our routine lives often leave us dull and at our wits’ ends. But, going in the lap of nature fills us up with new hope and energy as if we are literally breathing in new and unique kind of power.

Among all the forms of nature like mountains, snow covered places, forests, etc; beaches are the most preferred holiday destinations. The vastness of oceans, the clear blue waters and the enchanting sky’s reflection, combined with mesmerizing marine life and fun water sports make a package which can be irresistible for any one.

The Underwater Paradise

The world existing under water is no less than a paradise. Often times, the most skeptical of divers too get so enthralled by the beauty of marine life that they make it their hobby.

The variety and abundance of aquatic life and corals are enough to transport you to a world completely free of any kind of worries and stress. This becomes effective manifolds if the water is clear and the marine life is in its most natural form.

Roatan Attractions

Roatan is a Caribbean Island, located between Utila and Guanaja, situated on one of the most ancient coral reefs. It also has its own Marine Park to preserve and protect its marine life. The water, here, is also very clear and pristine, making the diving experience very much enjoyable.

Among other attractions in Roatan, you can enjoy a variety of water sports like boating, trips to nearby islands, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, parasailing, wind surfing, glass-bottomed boating, glass-bottomed kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc.

The waters around Roatan are considered one of the best for scuba diving due to the warm temperature, abundant marine life, and beautiful coral reefs situated at just few feet from the shore. Those who are looking out for adventurous diving experience can also dive with sharks and dolphins. Even you are an amateur or will just start learning scuba diving, Roatan is the place for you because here you can learn to dive or simply continue your PADI education.

Roatan also has its very own submarine which can take up to 3 people at a time, 3000 feet below the ocean surface so that you can witness the deep sea marine life and comparatively rarer species of aquatic creatures.

Accommodation in Roatan

Your trip to Roatan will become even more unbelievable and fun when you will find out how affordable the accommodation in Roatan is! Whether you wish to rent a condo, a penthouse or a hotel room, the rents in Roatan are very low and the hospitality is manifolds impressive. So, you can book any accommodation without worrying about the quality of services because each option will give you value for money.

So, don’t wait much, pack your bags and scuba dive to your heart’s content in relaxing Roatan!