Selection of hotels in Roatan for accommodation

12th Mar 2017
waterfront hotel in West End, Roatan


Accommodation in Roatan can never be a problem for any visitor. From budget hotels to luxury resorts and from beachfront hotels to hill-side rental apartments, you will find ample of accommodation options in West End, Roatan.  You won’t just find difference in pricing of these accommodations but you will also see a huge variance in style, location and activities. You can decide from following available options for accommodation in Roatan.

Budget Hotels

Most of the tourism of island will be found in west end, west bay and sandy bay. There are lots of logging options in these areas for budget travellers. You can choose from ample of boutique hotels falling in this region. You can easily find budget hotels in Roatan with limited number of rooms and personalized services.

Beachfront Hotels & Resorts

Remember, all hotels on island are not beachfront. There is a large section on the island that comprises of deep tropical forest and lush rolling hills. Even many of the hotels and resorts situated on coastline are also not beach facing. So, if you love the scenic beauty of deep blue waters, consider doing good research prior your arrival.

Vacation Rental Homes

If you are on a long stay in Roatan, consider choosing long term property rentals or vacation homes. If you are with a group on long holidays in Roatan, rental apartments will be the best fit. This will save your money and you will enjoy being altogether in same apartment/building. There are dozens of property rentals in Roatan available on cheaper costs.

All-inclusive Resorts

If you would like to enjoy your vacations on island with utmost privacy, you can go with any of the all-inclusive resorts on east-side of airport. Besides being away from crowd, you will still be able to enjoy the natural island beauty. Many of these resorts have their private beaches; so you can enjoy with your friends and family with any disturbance.

Hill Side Hotels / Forest Resorts

If you wish to enjoy the scenic beauty of island without any disturbance; you can find such peace in hotels located in tropical forests and a few which are on hills. Stay in forest hotel / hillside resort will offer you a calm and soothing experience.

Hope the article was useful, if you were looking for accommodation in Roatan. You can find a few good property rentals in Roatan here.