Five Reasons to move to Roatan

25th Oct 2015
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move to roatan

Roatan is one of the largest of the Bay Islands of Honduras. It is one of the most beautiful islands of the world. Located near the second largest barrier reef in the Caribbean Sea, Roatan is first choice of people as diving destination. Ocean Playground of the island offers a lot of water activities like snorkeling, kayaking, scuba diving, fishing and swimming.

Although there are dozens of reasons to move to Roatan. Here are top five reason why you should move to Roatan:

Roatan is Beautiful

Roatan is beautiful and can be considered as another heaven on earth. It is sparsely populated and has greenery all around. Surrounded with clean, fresh and deep blue ocean, you will find the white-sand beaches offering you a soothing and tranquil environment. The second largest coral reef of world is just offshore which makes the island a perfect destination for divers. Besides compelling beauty and abundant facilities, Roatan is also a cost-effective destination.

Roatan is Affordable

Roatan is not densely populated so the prices are under control here. However, the prices may rise up in upcoming future due to its increasing popularity. Popular Magazines (like and have listed Roatan as one of the world’s best places to retire. Being one of the most preferred tourist destinations, you will find variety of good multi-cuisine restaurants offering mouth-watering food.

Ease of Accommodation in Roatan

With retirement visa in your hand along with monthly income of $1500 per month, you can own ¾ acre of land or an unlimited space via corporation. Tax on income earned overseas is NIL and property taxes are almost a fraction to that in US.

Ease of Accessibility to Roatan

Juan Manuel Gálvez International Airport (also known as Roatán International Airport) serves national and international air traffic of the island. The airport is located to the west of Roatan, next to the main city, Coxen Hole, Honduras. The airport serves daily non-stop flights to Houston, USA (2h 55m), Atlanta, USA (3h 0m) and Miami, USA (2h 5m).

Best time to buy property in Roatan

As the island is sparsely populated, the prices of properties are not too high. The slump in real-estate sector from past 2 years is also a contributing factor. So, you still have a good opportunity to buy your own home on island at a cost-effective price.

Usually it’s a common mentality that life of island is somewhat challenging. But, it doesn’t fall true in case of Roatan. Roatan has everything that you need. It’s a “home away from home”. Don’t believe me? Come see for yourself!