Roatan- A Paradise in Bay Islands

15th Feb 2017
roatan underwater scuba diving accommodation


Out of the eight Bay islands of Honduras, Roatan is the largest and most developed. This is considered as an adventure traveler’s vacation paradise in the Caribbean. This long and thin island is the heart of snorkeling and diving. The sun-drenched clear turquoise water is edged by an absolutely diverse coral reef (which happens to be the world’s second largest) along with tropical fish. Plus, the exquisite white-sand beaches, a mountainous interior of pine-forested hills literally begs to be explored.

Every year, during season time, the island of Roatan attracts a huge number of tourists. And because of this very reason, this nature’s paradise hasn’t been ignored by property developers and tour operators. If you wish to explore this island, then you can find a range of hotels in Roatan where you can make your stay comfortable. For making your stay more convenient, you can also rent an apartment here and enjoy your trip while feeling at home.

Here is a list of a few must be done things on this paradise island.

Dive In: You’ll surely not want to miss diving in the world’s second-largest barrier reef. The crystal clear waters and colorful corals of Roatan are a home to rich marine life. Explore the spotted manta rays, barracuda, moray eels, parrotfish, and other colorful fish in their natural habitat. You can stay in any of Roatan’s famous dive resorts, which facilitate its customers with two to four dive trips daily.

Enjoy the Beach Life: The mesmerizing pristine white beaches of the island are perfect to get a sun-bath. You can stay in any of the various hotels in Roatan and spend the day in a hammock or on a lounge chair and just enjoy the solitude. But, don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun and the bugs.

Zip it: If you love zipping then you can opt for any of the five zip lines that the island has to offer. Get a bird’s eye view of the exotic dense jungle on a 1.8-mile zip line course. Scour the scenery for rare wildlife species.

Visit the Gumbalimba Park: The famous Gumbalimba Park is a beautiful beachfront park where you can explore a variety of species of flora and fauna. Enjoy the different water activities and take leisure of the beach and ocean. The 20-acre park also offers a cave tour that tells the exploits of the pirates. You can also examine the variety of butterflies exhibited in the Butterfly Garden.

Dolphin encounter: If dolphins have always fascinated you, then Roatan Island is one of the best places to encounter these adorable creatures. Anthony’s Key Resort serves as a home to the Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. You can find a trained naturalist here who will describe the attributes of a dolphin and also give the opportunity to touch, kiss and play with this friendly marine mammal and make the dolphin encounter a memorable one.

You can think about a long stay in Roatan after retiring from work, as a short trip to this paradise would just not be enough. You can easily find rental properties ranging from a beachfront or hillside to a mansion or condo to a rustic or modern house here at quite affordable prices.