Visit Roatan Island in the upcoming vacation

18th Feb 2017
Roatan Island West End Beach Sunset

Roatan Island

Are you ready for having fun on your next vacation, but confused about where to go? Why not visit the Roatan Island? Though this place is known by many, but by the end of this article, you will definitely want to head to Roatan Island for your upcoming holiday.

The paradise island is located only a few miles away from the mainland Central America. You can find thick green forests to explore new flora and fauna, white sand beaches to wander, and blue waters to dive in. Overall here, you can find nature at its best. Being the world’ second largest coral reef, the island is a popular spot amongst divers. This shallow reef surrounds the entire island and is a shelter to thousands of marine creatures.

Exploring the clean and warm waters of Roatan Island

If you are not a diver, but still wish to explore the beautiful marine life in the turquoise waters, you can easily take a few diving lessons from the best instructors who flock in this area to teach. You will be initially given a few lessons in the swimming pool of your hotel in Roatan before you dive into the deep waters. You don’t have to be scared actually because your instructor will always stay with you. But if you still don’t have the nerve to dive in the deep waters, you can still snorkel on the reef and feel as if you are swimming in a giant aquarium amongst plenty of species of fish. Another thing you would certainly not want to miss is, being kissed by the beautiful and the friendliest of marine creatures – the dolphins. And for that, you don’t need to head over to Anthony’s Key Resort.

Go East or Go West

Now whether should you go towards the east part of the island or towards the west? Well this can be an utter confusion if you are travelling to the island for a short while, and also because both of these sectors differ in the cultural civilizations and the kind of activities offered. If water sports and underwater diving, peace and natural surroundings happen to be your traveling genre, then the East side of the island is meant for your, or else you can head to the West. Coming on to the accommodation in Roatan, you can find all types of hotels (both in east and west) here ranging from 5-star to economy hotels with basic amenities and free internet access.

Land of Roatan Island

Besides the water activities, you can also indulge yourself into the various land activities offered by the island of Roatan. Visit the Iguana Park at French Cay, to see over two thousand iguanas roaming around. For an adrenaline adventure in Roatan, you can consider any of the 18 zip lines and examine the thick forest with a bird’s eye. You can also visit the Gumbalimba Park to pet capuchin monkeys and macaws and gain enough knowledge about various types of insects and plant species found on the island while strolling in the lush gardens.

Roatan Island is a well-developed island of the Caribbean that attracts many tourists due to its authentic island charm. Here you are offered all the comforts of the west along with the tranquility in the atmosphere making it a place not to be missed visiting.